DIVINE SUPERSTORE - Xpower X-47atr X-47atr 3,600 Cfm
Xpower X-47atr X-47atr 3,600 Cfm Variable-speed Sealed Motor

Xpower X-47atr X-47atr 3,600 Cfm Variable-speed Sealed Motor Industrial Axial Air Mover-dryer-blower

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Details :
High airflow speeds up the drying process for water damage restoration and janitorial cleaning applications

Variable-speed control to efficiently dry carpets, floors, walls and large areas, and for ventilation and climate control

Rugged rack/stand for a full 360deg , multidirectional airflow for many applications

Sealed motor is protected from contaminants and water damage

Built-in power outlets for daisy chain with dual thermal protection

Always-on setting or 3-hour set-n-forget timer options

Maximized energy efficiency with a rated 3,600 CFM while only drawing 2.8 amps

Lightweight and durable ABS plastic (same as football helmets) housing design

Grab-n-go handle handle and 20 ft. power cord with wraparound cord design

Stackable up to 5 units high for easy storage and transportation

ETL/CETL safety certified and meets OSHA safety requirements
Warranty : 1 Year Warranty